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Higher Consciousness

Welcome to Spiritual Mechanics Advanced Classes. With learning and applying the Getting Started and Leveling Up classes, you can now implement everything into Advanced Spiritual Mechanics. Advanced classes get into the core pictures. These classes favor the bold - those looking to work at the deepest levels - the spiritual warriors. Start forming your spiritual body, learn how to work karma at it's core, start creating effortlessly, and rise into a higher state of awareness and enlightenment. Classes are designed for you to actively work and participate along. 

These classes were recorded live! Live classroom recordings increase your ability to relate, match karma and process additional energy. As energy is processed and released it is normal to yawn, burp, and have watery eyes. Students in the live classes will be processing right by your side. 

These techniques and tools help with PTSD, Panic Attacks, Fear, Self Image, Depression, Heartbreak, Disease, Career & Jobs, Manifestation, Relationships, Clarity, Havingness and your overall quality of life. 

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