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Racquel Moore

Create Your Future.

Over the past 30 years Racquel has transformed people across the globe with Spiritual Mechanics. From private classes and live events, to personalized spiritual readings, Racquel has dedicated her life to opening others. 

Live the Life You Want to Live.

Spiritual Mechanics provides the fundamental visualization tools and information to start living a happier and healthier life. 


Reboot your mechanical system, clean out your chakras, release and file negative pictures and deprogram your system so you can discover your true purpose on this planet.


Racquel has trained with some of the most prolific meditation teachers, coaches and healers to ever grace our presence. Coupled with degrees in psychology, psycho-structure balancing, physical therapy and religious studies, the complexity of knowledge and understanding reaches the highest levels of awareness



*Please be advised - Events, seminars, lectures, classes and readings are 100% genuine and may not always be politically correct. Opinions, claims, writings, recordings and statements are exclusively those of Racquel Moore.*



Janice S.


My entire family has been consulting with Racquel Moore for over 5 years. She is the only energy healer that we trust.  She is wise and extremely intuitive and her sessions extremely effective. I am thankful for the work that she does with our family. With her help, my son who has an immune disorder is now healthy and stabilized. With her support, I switched careers and found a job that I am passionate about. I feel empowered by the energetic tools that she teaches and have learned / am learning to run my energy differently.

Scott F.


The courses have increased my sensitivity and enabled me to be more aware when my tone of voice is not what I intend. This in turn has improved my relationships. These courses have also provided a unique perspective which helps me take a different approach at work that is more fun and productive. Also, the courses have supported me in visualizing my desired future. I am learning to visualize better. 

Karla S


While I have not been taking classes from Racquel for very long, I have found that the guided meditation techniques have given me a profound sense of relaxation dramatically reducing the stress in my life. I used to always say I couldn't meditate, and the thought would bore me, but now I can hardly wait!

Kevin T.


Racquel’s classes have enabled me to recognize and see beyond my own limitations. They have given me tools to navigate this crazy path called life. I have less judgment about myself and more tolerance towards people around me. It is easier to see through the games people play and not get caught in them. I have a fuller view of life’s big picture and my purpose in it. I have more love and confidence, less fear and it’s easier to stand for what I like and believe in. Most of all, it now takes less time and effort to bring in more of what I desire into my life!

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