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Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation

Welcome to Kids Morning Meditation with Mr. Martin. This is Grounding Cord & Golden Suns.


This simple, short class will teach children how to create a Grounding Cord allowing proper release of energies. Gold Suns are an energy filter tool used for calling back our life force energy and energy we disperse on a daily basis, in body and out of body. This class is just under 5 minutes designed for children to practice during the morning hours. This is great class for releasing tiredness, grumpiness, pain, and unpleasant dreams.

I. This morning meditation class is read by guest speaker Mr. Martin. 

II. Parental supervision is highly recommended for all childrens classes. We suggest starting slowly with one class per week and building upon that based on individual results and preferences.

III. Listening to classes every day without building up to it is not recommended as it can over process ones physical and spiritual body. Be patient and allot appropriate time for meditation.

IV. Opinions, claims, writings, recordings, and statements are exclusively those of Racquel Moore.

V. Childrens classes are designed for our youth. Simple tools allow for safe and effective energy release and replenshiment. No commitments or statements are claimed or expressed for ones personal growth, experiences, and benefit from participating in these classes.

VI. All sales are final. If there is any type of issue with the digital download for purchased classes we will ensure it is corrected.

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