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Karma Rose

Karma Rose

Foundation Series 1, Class 4. Welcome to Karma Rose.


This class will teach you the most effective way to create and use a Karma Rose. This energy tool will allow you to work the karma from your space that has accumulated this lifetime and throughout past lifetimes. Utalizing this tool helps to remove negative images, recordings, thoughts, and emotions. Dissolving karma will help to break negative cycles, programming and painful lessons. In less than 15 minutes with this Foundation Mini Series Class, you will learn how to create and use your karma rose any time, any where.

I. We highly suggest you listen to the classes in order. Allocate time for yourself each day to listen to the class and practice the tools on your own.

II. Listening to new classes every day is not recommended as it can over process ones physical and spiritual body. Be patient with yourself and allot appropriate time for meditation.

III. We strongly recommend not operating heavy machinery, not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and being in a quiet place while listening to these classes. Allow yourself time before and after for preparing and processing.

IV. These Classes are 100% genuine and may not always be politically correct. Opinions, claims, writings, recordings and statements are exclusively those of Racquel Moore.

V. These classes are designed for those desiring change, evolvement and enlightenment. No commitments or statements are claimed or expressed for one’s personal growth, experiences and benefit from participating in these classes.

VI. All sales are final. If there is any type of issue with the digital download for purchased classes we will ensure it is corrected.

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