Spiritual Mechanics

with Racquel Moore

What is Spiritual Mechanics?

Spiritual Mechanics encompasses unique visualization meditation techniques and energy tools. Unlike other forms of meditation, Spiritual Mechanics follows universal principals utilizing the most effective energy tools for both the physical and spiritual bodies. These simple energy tools allow you to get to the core root providing the most effective way to remove fear, anger, pain, anxiety, depression, and sadness from your space. Distinguish all of the energy that is blocking your path to your designed purpose. Learn how to effectively run these energy tools in any situation. Open yourself up to magnificent manifestation in present time. Create your hearts desires. 

It's Time To Start Living 



Discover the Difference

With nearly 30 years as a clairvoyant reader and visualization meditation teacher,

Racquel Moore brings a proven track record of transforming peoples lives.


Racquel holds an extensive background of degrees, achievements, and experience in advanced meditation, psychology, religious studies, creative arts, herbalism, acupuncture, and physical therapy.​

Online Classes

Designed For You

Rose 2.jpg

Relax & Renew.

This 7 Class Mini Series fits in perfectly with our busy lives. Learn and practice the basic principals and foundation visualization tools of Spiritual Mechanics.

Aurora 2.jpg

Dig Deeper.

For those seeking major shifts and transformation. Full length classes the way the tools were designed to be learned and integrated. Getting Started, Leveling Up, and Advanced.

Happy Children

Our Youth.

Morning and evening classes designed for children ages 4 and up. Short, simple meditations to calm, unwind, release, and renew.


Depths so deep that a crack can’t see

Intertwined in Time we’ll come to be

Marvelous mistakes triumphantly engrain

The feeling of loss, sadness, and pain

Rise up like the grass on that fire burnt hill

Resiliency is everything

Get lost while you’re still

The future is yours for all that awaits

Are you ready for greatness

It's yours to take



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Spiritual Mechanics Meditation techniques, classes and private readings are intended to be a benefit for your physical and spiritual bodies. This is not intended to be substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical conditions. Individual results may vary.